Le Petit Chapeau
Mickie Prendergast
2017 ~ 2018

Dallas 8/40

Dallas 8/40 Salon 108

Dallas 8/40

Dallas Salon 108 of the Departmentale de Texas #32, was chartered in August 1928 and currently is the largest Salon in Texas with a 2016-2017 membership of 92 ‘partners’; which includes partners from the 5th District, plus several other districts in the state. We can also boast that we have 5 Past State Auxiliary Presidents and 6 Past State 8/40 Chapeaus among our partnership. AND, our very own Sandra Winchester is the La Secretaire Nationale.

The EIGHT & FORTY partners of Dallas Salon 108 meet 3 times per year; May, August and December at Post 453 in Dallas. But, we also plan get-to-gathers, as Salon 108 partners, at the ALA meetings in D.E.C. and Mid-Winter in Austin, for "fun and photos", and every July at the Department conventions we meet with the other 5 Salons in Texas.

The Salon's colors are Red and White.

Our ladies work very hard on different fund raisers, during the year, so we can contribute to research in the effort to finding a cure for children afflicted with Cystic Fibrosis, TB, Asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

We’re also charged with donating to our Nurses Scholarship program, in supporting the medical community- specifically those professionals directly involved in respiratory illnesses in children.

Our Children & Youth program supports several organizations that provide assistance to children battling respiratory illnesses. In addition we contribute annually to The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation.

Le Chapeau Mickie's special project for her term is the Dallas Children's Hospital.

This years National Chapeau's theme is "Catching the Golden Ring for our Special Children". It's all about the Carousel! What else would bring a smile to a child's face, but the image of a bright, sparkly Carousel with beautifully painted horses!!

2017 – 2018 Officers of Dallas 8/40 Salon 108

Le Petit Chapeau - Mickie Prendergast
Demi-Chapeau Premier - Tina Hill
Demi-Chapeau Deuxieme - Janice Winters
L’ Archiviste - Lisette Johnson
L’ Aumonier - Kathy Bigley
La Concierge - Lupe Barrera

Appointed Officers:
L’ Avocate - Kathy Wons
La Secretaire - Janey Arista
La Cassiere - Sandra Winchester
Le Pouvoir - Pat Burks

Eight and Forty History

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Press Releases

Our 2016-17 fundraiser (50' color TV) was won by Rosalie Fryer. Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets - we made almost $900 for our programs; to assist children with respiratory disease and to help in the research to eradicate tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis and other respiratory ailments.

The annual Salon 108 Christmas dinner/meeting is held on the second Saturday in December. We do not exchange gifts, instead we bring toys for Dallas Childrens' Hospital Pulmonary Wing. Mrs. Clause happens to be a partner of our 8/40 Salon, so, after the meeting she and Santa Clause put all the gifts into their sleigh and drive to Dallas Childrens' Hospital and make their delivery.

For more info contact the Salon Chapeau, Mickie, at mickiepr@sbcglobal.net or 214/202-1902.

Dallas 8/40 Calendar

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Partnership Application Form

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Interested in joining Salon 108 – Contact Mickie at mickiepr@sbcglobal.net or 214/202-1902 for details, we would love to have you join us!

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